Here are 9 tips from pro coach Don Kelbick.

  1. Dribble the ball hard. The more time the ball spends in your hand, the more control you have of the ball. The harder you dribble, the quicker it gets back in your hand.
  2. Head up at all times. Look at the rim or a spot on the wall during all practice.
  3. Use your finger tips to control the ball, not your palm.
  4. Use your imagination. Picture when and how you would use each of the dribbles.
  5. Teach mentality. There is too much dribbling for no reason in our game today. I like to teach that the primary purpose for putting the ball on the floor is to get a lay-up. If you don't have an opportunity, don't put it on the floor.
  6. Basketball is a game of length. Work on lengthening the dribble. Work to get your opportunities with 1 dribble. You don't beat defenses with your dribble. You beat people with your feet; you SEPARATE from your defense with the dribble.
  7. Basketball is also a game of angles. Try to move in straight lines. Whenever you make an "East-West" move


Put Stress in Its Place

How you handle stress makes a big difference in how you feel. It might even help your blood pressure, blood sugar level, and the rest of you.  Use these calming strategies to stop stress ASAP.


1. Break Out the Bubble Gum

Next time you’re at the end of your rope, unwrap a stick of gum. According to studies, chewing gum lowers anxiety and eases stress. Some researchers think the rhythmic act of chewing may improve blood flow to your brain, while others believe the smell and taste help you relax.

2. Get Outside

Spending time outdoors, even close to home, is linked to better well-being. You're in a natural setting, and you're usually doing something active, like walking or hiking. Even a few minutes can make a difference in how you feel.

3. Smile Like You Mean It

Don’t roll your eyes the next time someone advises you to “grin and bear it.”  In times of tension, keeping a smile on your face – especially a genuine smile that’s formed by the muscles around your eyes as well as your mouth – reduces your body’s



Workout Not Working?

Who has time to waste on ineffective, risky exercises? Not you. So ditch these seven moves that won't deliver the results you want -- and may even cause injury.

No. 1: Lat Pull-down Behind the Head

The problem: Only people with very mobile shoulder joints can keep their spines straight enough to do this exercise properly. So the move — done wrong — can lead to shoulder impingement or worse, a tear in the rotator cuff. And if the bar hits the back of the neck, it could injure cervical vertebrae.

A Safer Lat Pull-down

On the pull–down machine, lean back a few degrees, use a wider–than–shoulder grip, and bring the bar down in front of your body to the breastbone, pulling shoulder blades down and together. Contract your abdominals to stabilize the body, and avoid using momentum to swing the bar up and down. The lat pull–down works the muscles of the upper back.

No. 2: Military Press Behind the Head

This shoulder move, in which you lift a barbell up and down behind the head, can cause

Americans Meb Keflezighi, second from right, and Ryan Hall, center, lead the New York City Marathon, Sunday, Nov. 1, 2009. Keflezighi won the race and Hall was fourth. Kenya's Robert Cheruiyot, left, was second. (AP Photo/Henny Ray Abrams)

1. Tell People

This makes you accountable. Tell everyone who will listen, says Joe Donovan, a Milwaukee runner who wrote the Essential Guide to Training for Your First Marathon.

"Only when you tell other people is it real," he says. It became a topic of conversation and support among his fiancée (now his wife) and co-workers, which helped him stick to his training.

The first person to tell is your doctor -- you want to make sure you’re OK to run long distances.

2. Set a Specific Goal

It's not as simple as saying your goal is to finish 13.1 miles (a half-marathon) or 26.2 (a full marathon), says Cathy Fieseler, MD, a veteran marathoner and ultra-distance runner.

Ask yourself why you’re running the race, she


Proper-fitting shoes make all the difference whether you walk or run.

Running and walking are among the purest, most natural forms of exercise around. With newfangled innovations like Freon-filled midsoles and pump-it-up tongues, it's knowing which shoes to buy that seems to require an advanced degree.

Choose the wrong athletic shoes and you could end up lying on the couch nursing shin splints or aching heels instead of enjoying a brisk walk or run.

While most specialty sport-shoe stores have knowledgeable staff to guide you, you'll be a few steps ahead of the game armed with some basic knowledge about your feet and their specific needs. Here is some expert advice to heed before buying new footwear:

Don't make shoes multitask. Walking shoes are stiffer; running shoes are more flexible, with extra cushioning to handle greater impact. If you do both activities, get a pair for each one.

Know your foot. Sure, we've all got 10 toes and two heels, but beyond that, feet come in a variety of shapes -- and knowing your foot's particular quirks is key to selecting the right pair

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Various Reasons Why People Need To Use Red Dot Sights When Trying To Hunt Red dots sights are mostly used for very long range shooting and they are mostly used as a great replacement compared to using old iron sights that can be seen in most rifles. Red dot sights is mostly has a piece of glass that is mostly made of plastic which has a small red dot that can easily be attached to the rifle, the red dot sight is usually placed at the center of the rifle. The red dot sights help the shooter to see the target in a proper manner, but people need to line up the red dot sight with the barrel of the rifle so that it can be accurate. The mechanism of the red do sight is usually the same as the common iron sights in rifles, but the red dot sights can provide great results in terms of shooting accurately. If people really love to hunt, they usually know how important it is to target the one they hunt in a really accurate manner and most of these red dot sights can help them gain full visibility of

Where to Find Kids Ski Goggles When people plan their vacations, they'd generally choose between a place where there are plenty of outdoor and water activities and a place where there are plenty of snow. They either want to spend long hours at the beach, go scuba diving, go trekking, etc..., or do some skiing. The choice of whether to go to the sea or snowy places for a vacation or a timely break will depend on a lot of things. There are, of course, the budget and the time to consider. For most families, the kids' preference will have a lot of weight. Parents like to see their children enjoying themselves and are likely to accede to their wishes. And since kids generally love the snow, families are likely end up going to snowcapped mountains where they can snowboard or ski. Snowboarding and ice skiing are sports that demand physical ability. To enjoy them, people also need acquire a certain level of proficiency. Of course there are people in ski sites that offer hands on training and assistance to ensure that beginners especially children are safe. Children are particularly in need of closer attention and security

Shooters Glasses for Eye Protection Eye protection is one of the overlooked health issues. Eyes safety requires similar attention at the same rate like other body organs. It is not a surprise that problematic eyes can limit one's eyesight and cause of a lot of physical and mental suffering. The Shooters glass is one of the many options that exist to provide eyesight security For Rangers and shooters or anyone engaged in hunting, the eyes are in constant danger of being hurt. This becomes the primary reason for use of shooters glasses to increase eye safety. It is worthwhile to make protective arrangements before using a gun. There are a number of benefits that one gets by using shooters glasses as discussed below. the fact that accidents happen suddenly makes it unpredictable. Hunters , for example, are frequently hit by the ricochet or powder blow backs that burns the eyes, A hunter can easily be hurt by tree branches and twigs while walking in the forest. Shooters glass are also suitable for a farmer who is clearing the bush. It is also a good idea to out protective glasses when spraying to avoid poisoning the